hours Zehr markets? Here weekly leaflets, phone numbers and opening hours for Zehr sells 400 Manning Road in Windsor. Zehr food chain in Ontario and owned by Loblaw. Zehr. Here are the best deals this week with zehrs canada flyer online.

Zehr Markets, or simply Zehr, a supermarket chain in Southern Ontario, Canada. The network consists of 43 points and is part of Loblaw Companies Limited. The first store was founded by Emory Zehr and his sons in Kitchener in 1950. By 1995, the store sign was red or orange square with two small lines to boldened stylized "Z".

Zehr stores were known in Ontario by three different names: Markets Zehra, Zehr Zehr Food Plus and great food (like new locations, Loblaw Great Food opened in the Greater Toronto Area). In 2010, Zehr unveiled a new logo and store design, renovated several stores in the new format. New stores are known as Zehra markets, in contrast to the new format Zehr Good Food, which opened just a few years earlier. Kingsville location was recently changed from Great food Zehra Markets. The entity is known as Zehrmart Ltd, which is supported by the parent company, Loblaw Companies Limited. Zehr employees are represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1977 UFCW Local 175/633, as well.
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Zehr operates stores in major cities and towns throughout southern Ontario. Locations stretch from the south of Kingsville midnight Orillia and Windsor in the west to Niagara Falls in the east and northeast to Uxbridge.