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Canada Sobeys flyer 21 until 27 October 2016,

Sobeys Inc. operating under a variety of banners around in Canada and 1500 with over 260 supermarkets, is the second largest food flyer retailer in Canada. Stellarton, offices in Nova billion in stores and more than 16 CAD $ 2012 in ten state sales it works together, the gathering is part of Empire Company.
Sobeys Stellarton in 1907 as a meat delivery business in Nova School of John W. Sobey. In 1924, convinced that his son, Frank H. Sobey and a full grocery store business scope, the area of ​​industrial Pictou 'service. From that point until his death, was the driving force behind the Frank company. Sobeys 1949 opened its first self-service supermarket.