More than 80 stores in Quebec Quebec is the Super C discount supermarket chain. 8000 Super C Super C private label brand of products, including some 1,200 products. In the middle of 2006, Ontario has 9 stores a rest, but food was transferred to the stores or the basic traits. Pembroke, Ontario store was closed, and the building is now located in the village of value.

Super c flyer july 14, as well as free standing buildings, shopping centers and many lease the anchor spaces. Super C Today, only a handful of former super grocery stores Carnival points. 85 in 2013, Super C Quebec Province company.

The pre AUX Meilleurs- 1998-2004 food! (Quebec stores)
1998-2004: less food! (Used in Ontario and Quebec, Ontario and British media in stores)
2004-2006: the food, the price per day (used in stores in Ontario and Quebec, Ontario and British media)
/ 10 2004-2009: C'est le meilleur Marche
Since 2009, Dear bon pass Cher

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