Rona flyer laval is a retailer based in Boucherville Quebec, home improvement and construction products and services.
Founded in 1939, the company operates a mix of owned and franchised stores under several banners, including Rona, Home of the big box formats Rona (Rona L'Entrepôt in Quebec) and Reno-Depot and smaller species such as Rona Cashway, rehabilitation and lumber Dick Marcil.
On February 3, 2016, USA Lowe retailer Rona announced that it would acquire $ 3.2 billion pending government approval. Lowe's plans to continue with a post-merger retail Rona.

  1. 1939 - Rona was founded in September as "Les Marchands in Quincaillerie" (The Merchants of hardware), a coalition of Montreal area hardware retailers and independent purchasing power to support wholesalers and deal directly with the manufacturers.
  2. 1960 - July 20, 1960, took the name rô-Na after Rolland Dansereau and Napoleon Piotte, two of the founders of Les Marchands Quincaillerie bathroom. areas in rô-Na, Na-increasing rô logo to identify themselves as members of the cooperation of the purchase.