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An additional advantage of the European market, as well as the concept car Ford or Citroen ID Abeille is normal, as was common in the 1950s. Dacia Logan cars in Europe is a great example of the benefits of the recent bonus. Another example is Fiat Albea.

They decorate the aisles, and sometimes they can not even fill the shelves. In this case, the offer of goods pallets are parked along the aisles, picking up customers and products will be gradually empty their lap. When all items have been sold on the mattress, they are replaced. Prices are labeled in the open.

This week flyer One additional advantage of the car more popular Studebaker Scotsman, 1957-1958, which was sold in a sub-standard fabric trimmed front seat of the car and took only the driver side sunvisor, no door handles and the trim was painted (instead of chrome trim); Dome light, such as a cigarette lighter and even the benefits of frequent, have been deleted. Only low-cost buyers heater and a short list of options to trim a few other items and materials have been allowed to buy; radio (Studebaker, unlike the more expensive model) is not offered as an option on this model.